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Learn from World-Class Pros with More Than $75 Million in Combined Earnings!

1,700+ Interactive Hand Quizzes

Quizzes are designed to get you to THINK for yourself. You decide on the best action to take.

Coaches then explain how they played the hand.

Each quiz is like a mini coaching session.

600+ Video Classes

Premium members get INSTANT ACCESS to over 600 Video Classes from top poker pros with more than $75 million in combined earnings!

Tournament Masterclass

Premium members get INSTANT ACCESS to Jonathan Little's Tournament Masterclass!

In this 180-lesson Masterclass, Jonathan Little teaches you everything you need to know to play every stage of a poker tournament optimally, maximally exploit your opponents, and maximize your tournament equity.

Cash Game Masterclass

In this completely new masterclass, Jonathan Little teaches you everything you need to know to crush small and medium stakes cash games.

  • 32+ Hours
  • 156 Lessons
  • Numerous hand examples
  • Quizzes for most of the lessons
  • Online and live cash games
  • 100 bbs and 200 bbs

30-Day Tournament Challenge

Premium members get FREE ACCESS to the new 30-Day Tournament Challenge!

This challenge covers all topics you need to play a solid winning strategy for poker tournaments.

30-Day Cash Game Challenge

Premium members get INSTANT ACCESS to the 30-Day Cash Game Challenge!

This challenge will cover all topics you need to play a solid winning strategy in cash games.

WSOP Preparation Sessions

Blaz turned $5 into $1,364,688 online. After this score, Jonathan Little coached Blaz to prepare for his first WSOP, recorded the coaching sessions, and turned the recordings into this 13-hour course. After Jonathan Little coached Blaz in 2019, Blaz took 4th place in the WPT World Online Championship for $552,006 in 2020!

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